An actually good paper notebook

I rarely endorse consumer products because they are mostly garbage. There are exceptions though.

The rocketbook everlast is in my opinion one of those.

It is a paper notebook with just 32 pages. You would think that 32 pages get filled in a few days. Instead, they are never filled! Why? 

I didn't tell you all the truth: the surface is not actually paper. It is a polyester blend (read: a type of plastic) designed for Pilot Frixion pens. Their ink can be easily wiped off by moistening the included microfiber cloth.

The other essential part of this notebook is the smartphone app, which you can use to quickly create a PDF document by taking pictures of the pages you're interested in. It supports other formats too (png, gif, ...).

The app allows you to send the pages to 7 different destination (email or cloud providers) depending on the symbol you cross on the bottom of the page. It automatically crops the image at the page borders and applies contrast/luminosity correction to make the writing stand out.

This would have been great in my university years to avoid wasting so much paper for taking notes and exercising my math skills.

The pitfalls are the following:

  • the included 0.7mm pen takes too long to dry (around 15 seconds). I bought 0.5mm refills which dry faster.
  • for the same reason, this product shouldn't be viable for left handed writers (I personally haven't tested this)
  • the FAQ claims that you can leave the ink for months and only very faded stains remain. I tried to keep notes for a few days and the ghosting already happened. I took the habit of deleting every written page every day to keep the pages in the best condition possible.
  • since the frixion ink is thermally sensitive, high temperatures make it invisible. This is something to keep in mind.
  • you can use frixion pens only. Be careful when friends try to write on your Everlast!
  • the spiral binding is a bit on the cheap side

Despite some extra care needed, I find this notebook very useful. I hope this helps.


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